KEYBONE – Ain’t A Guy Like Me ( Lyrics )
I know you ‘ll be thinking this song is about you
And I wouldn’t doubt you
Cos there’s no me without you
So I had to write this song just for you

I have seen the pictures of your new man, from me, it’s a far cry
When someone says you can’t find love, it’s a fat lie
We started off as BFs, now it’s all BS, You chose to play my heart
Or let’s say we grew apart, Quit telling people I blew my part
I did what I could when I should, when things were good
A wrong turn has brought rant, I thought can’t, some way it led to this
what I ain’t prepared to fix is a broken heart
I’m coming at you with a spoken art, storming at you with a token of
What I embody, over my dead body, he looks like a nerd, hope he is about it
I wish you the best, the rest is your choice like going to Saudi
Don’t see the key or bone in him, don’t get why you are boning him
Every other minute he is phoning in, makes you feel you are owning in
That’s just a gimmick, used at an infant stage, Once he gets past page
Sooner or later, You won’t tell if he is a lover or hater
If he is one that will cater, all I see in him is a stopgap
Stop that, come back to your bae boo, without you, I don’t think I’m able

Your new man, he ain’t a guy like me
If your new plan is to date a guy like me
He can hit the gym, maybe later swim
In him, there’s nothing quite like me

You may try to mute this or turn a deaf ear
I’m not where you left me, cos I already left there, for I couldn’t accept fear
Switched my plan up, I had to man up, so I gladly stand up and stand for
What I believe, don’t be worrying about the love I have been getting
That’s all I give, it’s a feedback and I need that, read that
It’s in between the lines, if you have seen the signs
You will know the truth, but I noticed you are not that into me
You should know what that means to me, it’s hints to me
How is it working out with your new guy working out?
I see your tweets and BS you talk about
I see you are sweet and aw-struck, so don’t let your jaw drop
That I will devour like a vulture cos I’m more in the culture
Of killing with lyrical torture, when you mess with a wrong guy
It’s like a fungi, it’s quite closer than you think
More like you are not supposed to blink, come and day, it’s what I bring
As I’m in ring for the show down, get with the flow now

Your new man, he ain’t a guy like me
If your new plan is to date a guy like me
He can hit the gym, maybe later swim
In him, there’s nothing quite like me

He says sports is his hobby, unlike me, he is chubby
What a mismatch if you were blinded by this trash or his cash
As I’m reminded of life in this flash, I can choose to care less
There’s more fishes in the seas when I go hunting
I know one thing, there will never be another Key
Smother he who is a clone, that’s how he will leave you alone
Had an inkling while thinking about us cos people may doubt us
And try to mouth to mouth us for new gist, as newbies, we grew this
It was all from the scratch, thought you already knew this
Lost in words like what’s the catch, if what you want is a super man
I’m more than a super duper man, way on time than the Uber man
But you were clearly on your way out and calling it the safe route
So if I’m balling after pay out, that’s what I’m supposed to do
I wasn’t opposing you when you took a left turn
felt stranded but I kept on
This is a wake up call from the pro you slept on´╗┐

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